After reading the Yelp reviews, my husband & I brought our cars to Kevin to check out. We both own Honda's and wanted to find a reliable auto mechanic instead of always going to a dealership.

We have now brought both of our cars in for routine maintenance and I have been so pleased with the work done on the cars. The prices were reasonable, the staff very friendly, and best of all, extremely accomodating.

Kevin is busy fixing problems that other mechanics have tried and failed to fix on my Honda Pilot. I am so happy and am recommending this business to all my friends with Japanese cars. I completely trust him and his staff.
— Helen M.
This place is great: reliable, accommodating, reasonably priced. Everyone in my family brings their car here for repairs, tuneups and oil changes and has done so for ten years or so; this even includes my brother when he's in town from LA with his car, and my sister and I, who both live in San Francisco. The truth is: when you find a good mechanic who's also honest and trustworthy, like Kevin, you stick with them!
— Courtney K.
It's not easy to find an honest mechanic but I guarantee you've found one here. Kevin is skilled, likable, friendly, and fair.

I brought in an old '98 Civic with a window that broke and wouldn't roll up on a rainy day. Easy Automotive had wanted to keep the car overnight and quoted me about $130-180 for the fix. Kevin squeezed me in to his busy schedule and cracked open the door frame to fix the window while I waited. When he only asked for $50, I was convinced I had found my new guy.

You really can't go wrong with Imperial Auto. Try them out and never worry about being charged for work that didn't need to be done or overcharged for work that does need to be done again.
— Alex A.
My brakes gave up on me last night and were making an awful sound as the metal was grinding...not a pleasant experience! I called Imperial Automotive this morning, Kevin was very friendly and courteous, did the work promptly and his fees were very reasonable. He was recommended to me by two friends who trust him wholeheartedly and I feel the same way. Kevin is a blessing in that it is wonderful to find a mechanic who is trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable and affordable!
— Chantal C.
My office is just around the corner and I have brought my vehicles to Kevin for years. He is a genuinely nice fellow, a knowledgeable and experienced mechanic and his prices have always been reasonable. I have always felt it is important to have a good trustworthy car guy and for me Kevin is that person.
— John N.
Kevin is the best-whenever I leave my car there I feel confident that they will be honest about what needs to be done at do it at a low price.
— Jenni F.
What's one more review of a place w/ mostly 5 stars?

Well, I came here, specifically, *because* of the one star review. I had a heater core that I needed to be replaced, and found Imperial and Kevin by searching specifically "heater core" as stupid as that sounds. It was a lark, and voila... up this one start review popped.

Plenty of places have 5 star reviews, but not all of them respond to the rare negative review. It says a lot about someone's commitment to a business when they actually care enough to kindly, professionally, and politely offer a counter to the rare bad review. I was impressed with his response, so I took the leap and took my '95 YJ Wrangler in for a new heater core.

Kevin was kind enough to suggest other options to make sure my car was in the best of shape, but I opted to just go with the main repair... but it's awesome to know he will give you a fair assessment of all you can do, without trying to hard upsell you into something you might be confused about, or not understand. I know my truck fairly well, esp. through my trusty mechanic at Golden Gate Jeep in the city, so I knew I didn't need any extra work done... so a heater core it was. (My YJ was spitting antifreeze into the passenger side footwell, and I was dutifully breathing it for a couple months so yeah, my memory is gone and I don't know where I am).

I called yesterday, he ordered the part, I came in this AM and he had hooked up a $25 rental for the day from Enterprise (see previous review) - I dropped it off, they did the work, I picked it up later that day - and my car actually has heat, vent, and a atmosphere that is unlike a hostile alien planet.

The estimate was *PRECISELY* the final price. Kevin was kind, friendly, helpful, responsive, and clear. I hate these sort of mundane challenges of daily life.. trying to work, while trying to get minutia taken care of. It's usually a drag.

This was a treat..... it's rare, it was easy, it was simple, and I am (half-jokingly) hoping my car breaks again so I can go back. okay okay, I am joking... but it's a 1995, so I will need help again. In this situation, it's pretty obvious who I will visit again.

Thanks guys. Well done.
— Uncle Fishbits Aeneas X.
Kevin runs an excellent shop at Imperial Automotive. A weeks' worth of major work was done on schedule with my older Subaru. Kevin is very familiar with Subs', and his detailed estimate was spot-on. It seems to be a garage where because the owner is professional, experienced and such a nice guy, that customers feel good about bringing their vehicles there. And clearly his employees follow his work model. Highly recommended.
— Nate N.
Been using Imperial for over a decade. Kevin is trustworthy and dependable. He and team do a very good job!
— Ruth V.
Kevin is an honest guy and won't try to sell you something you don't need. They primarily work on Japanese cars but I only trust Kevin with my VW so that tells you the respect I have for him. I usually buy my own parts and have Kevin do the labor.
— David J.
Kevin's garage here is simply the best and most trustworthy mechanic in the county. Always a great price, super conscientious and careful, these guys will stay late to adjust something or make it right for you if needed. I'm curious and always ask about stuff, but I see them treat busy moms and non-mechanically minded people with respect. I really appreciate a mechanic with honor. These guys are it.
— Marko B.
I have been going to Imperial, as has my family, for over a decade. Kevin is a stand up guy and a true professional. He explains everything with extensive detail and in Lehman's terms so I understand what he is doing. His prices are fair and the work is excellent. I wouldn't trust anyone else in Marin with my vehicles and I highly recommend Imperial Automotive.

Plus, the John C character was wrong to post the complaint he did. Kevin would never break someone's tail light. The accusation was egregious at best.
— Justin R.
Kevin and his team are so professional, friendly and accommodating. As I was waiting for my car I struck up a conversation with a woman who had been bringing her & her kid's cars to him for 10 years and said she'd never go anywhere else because Kevin is so honest and trustworthy. This is the place to go for your car repair needs!
— D.R. D.
Good work, good prices. Kevin has integrity, which seems too rare these days. He always explains whats wrong, what needs to be done now, and what can wait until next time. I tried this place out on the recommendation of some friends, and now can whole heartedly recommend for your automotive needs.
— Mike F.
This has been a long time coming. It is so hard to find a good, honest mechanic who not only does work with integrity, but also provides premium service while always trying to make their customers happy. Kevin not only meets all of this, he surpasses it by bringing his best every time. My Jeep Grand Cherokee must have broken down on me almost a dozen times and I'd bring it here to get it fixed each and every time. Why? Because no one else is better! Kevin would always be there. Reliable, honest, transparent, and very reasonably priced. Kevin and his team are the best, and I'll make sure to always recommend Imperial Auto to anyone I know in need of car service.
— Ryan M.
So legit. Went in with a Highlander that I'd inadvertently driven into a low garden wall, busting the bumper part. Thought it could be a several hundred dollar job - walked away with a very nice repair job for literally... $58! Plus a recommendation not to replace the bumper bc it'd run $500-700 just for the part and not functionally compromising the car. I mean, in this day and age, who operates like that in the best overt interest of the consumer like that?! Kevin, that's who! Highly recommend.
— Enmi K.
Looking at all the 5-star ratings from other clients, you'd think that Imperial Automotive was writing their own reviews but they're not. They are simply that great! Kevin was referred to me by a neighbor whom they managed to keep her old Toyota running well past its prime. I brought in my Prius for maintenance (after being floored by the cost that the dealer down the road wanted to charge!) and was so impressed by Kevin's honesty and customer service that I immediately scheduled my Mom's vehicle for a service as well. Love them, so grateful to my neighbor for the recommendation.
— R.O.
My family has been going to Kevin for 20+ years and we trust him completely. Trust is the name of the game when it comes to auto mechanics, right? Affordable, timely, fantastic service, nothing but 5 stars.
— Austin W.